As we approach the Girls Basketball Semi State at Warsaw Community High School, the WCHS Athletic Office would like to pass on a few reminders regarding tickets and procedures.

Tickets will be available for sale at two ticket locations beginning at 3pm on game day.  Due to the demand for tickets and the successful pre-sale operations at participating schools, the number of tickets on sale will be quite limited.  Fans wishing to secure a ticket should either learn how to sell tickets online or be in line early in the event there is a significant crowd in line to purchase tickets.  Tickets will be sold at two of the three entrances.  Tickets will be sold at the Performing Arts Center entrance on the southwest side of the school (near C lot), and at the south Tiger Den Foyer entrance on near the south silo.  Fans with tickets may enter at the North Tiger Den Foyer near the north silo, however there will be no tickets available for sale at this entrance.

In the event that all tickets get sold, all entrances will be locked.   Fans wishing to watch the second game (Tippecanoe Valley and Rochester) can still have a chance to purchase tickets for this game.  At the conclusion of the first contest (between Wabash and Fort Wayne Canterbury), ticket representatives will be at each exit counting the number of spectators leaving the school facility.  Once the warmup period for the second game begins, WCHS Athletic representatives will take a count of departing spectators, and an equal number of tickets will go on sale at both ticket entrances (PAC and South Foyer).    Counters will continue counting exiting fans and additional tickets will continue to be sold, however the number of total capacity in the facility will not exceed 4,704.

Due to the excitement generated by the teams and communities participating at the Warsaw Community High School site, we understand there will be some fans disappointed with being unable to secure tickets to see these games.  However, we are very confident that fans wishing to watch the second game, stand a very good chance as we anticipate several hundred tickets becoming available for sale.

Fans travelling to WCHS Saturday are highly encouraged to car pool to reduce the number of cars arriving on campus.  Parking is available at a variety of lots around campus.  Overflow parking may be available at Edgewood Middle School, Washington Elementary, and the WCS corporation office, all located to the north of WCHS.

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