TRC Softall All Conference

The TRC All Conference team was selected Monday with several Wabash County players making the team.

First Team


Brooklyn Howard-Manchester

Josie Wood-North Miami

Lexi Holland-Rochester

Paige Holley-Northfield


Sydney Day-Manchester

Kennedy Mussleman-Rochester


Ellie Milam-Manchester

Alicia Tooley-North Miami

Becky Malchow-Rochester

Alexa Holland-Rochester

Abbey Betten-Tippecanoe Valley

Kennedy Krull-Whitko

Delayne Gentry-Southwood

Abby Keaffaber-Northfield


Tabby Porter-Manchester

Alyssa Bishop-North Miami

Libby Good-Rochester

Amanda Shepherd-Tippecanoe Valley

Hannah Yohe-Whitko

Lauren Early-Northfield

Extra Player

Brooke Elliott-Southwood

Honorable Mention
Kianna Kendall NF
Shelby Ward NF
Celina Carter Man
Mattie McKee Man
Darian Dotson TV
Alicyn Enyart NM
Josie Knauff NM
Bailey Lundmark SW
Montana Castro Wab
Taryn Stockberger Roc
Alexis Elliott Roc

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