Etna Host First Stop Of Little City

We had a break in the rain for a bit Friday and got the 1st stop of the Little City Jr. tournament in…between the raindrops at Etna Acres Golf Course.

High school boys 1st 75 Nathan Brown, 2nd 79 Martin Harold, and 3rd. 85 Paul Farlow

High school Girls: 1st Danielle Pegg 86, 2nd Dayna Dale 93, and 3rd Hattie Johnson 100.

Jr. Hi boys (9 holes) 1st Asif Khan 41, 2nd Corbin Robison 43, and 3rd Ty Lauderbaugh 47.

Jr. hi Girls: 1st Kylie Hathaway 65 and 2nd Bella Carrillo 75.

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