National League Tourney Down To Three Teams

The National League tourney got underway again Monday after rain stopped play for the weekend. The first game pitted the Cubs and Yankees doing battle in the winners bracket final with the Yankees pulling out a 7 inning thriller 10-9.

Game two was a losers bracket game between the Giants and Braves with the Braves winning 7-1.

Tuesday the Braves and Cubs will battle at 6:00 for the right to take on the Yankees at 8:00. Since the Yankees have not been defeated, the winner of game one would would have to defeat the Yankees twice in which the second game, if necessary would be played Wednesday.

In game one for the Yankees Jared Brooks, Dillon Tomlinson and Clayton Tomlinson each had 2 singles. Grant Dale and Alex Farr each had 4 singles with Blake Smith adding 3 singles. Koby Thomas and Tyson Baer each had a double with Clayton Tomlinson hitting 2 doubles.

For the Cubs Jarrett Craft, Tyler Richardson and Trevor Daughtry each had a single.  Nathan Lehner and Bryant Boggs each had 2 singles with Joseph Leland hitting 3 singles. Joe Leland and Mason Dillon each had 2 doubles with the big blast of the day coming from Jasper Walter with 2 home runs.

In game two for the Braves Joey Bland had 1 rbi and scored 2 runs. Grant Warmuth had a double and 2 rbi’s.

For the Giants Tristen Hayslett and Logan Barley each had a triple. Hayslett had an rbi.

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