Manchester Volleyball Third At Elwood

The Manchester volleyball team finished 2nd in their pool of 4 and then placed 3rd overall by beating the 2nd place team in the other pool at the Elwood Invite Saturday.
Scores for today started with Danville, our only loss today as we got warmed up: 15-25 & 21-25.
Second pool play game was against Elwood, going to three matches and pulling it out:  25-17, 19-25, & 15-13.
Third game was versus Southern Wells, another win: 25-22 & 25-17.
That wrapped up our pool and we went on to play Tipton and made a come back in games two and three to walk away with our third win of the day: 20-25, 25-23, & 16-14.
I combined all the stats of the day, I hope that is alright as it’s easier than to type them all up for each individual game.  For assists, both setters, Corrie Osborne & Kendra Auler, finished with 22.  Hitting was led by Kendra Binkley with 21 kills, followed closely by Cierra Carter with 18.  Sydney Day collected 7, Corrie Osborne 5, Mattie McKee & Ali Casper each with 2, and then the following girls all had a single kill for the day: Emma West, Kendra Auler, and Anna Osborne.  Corrie Osborne had a high 10 aces today with Carter close at 9. Binkley had 4 aces, Wagoner and Auler both had 2, and Casper & West finished with 1 ace. Carter dominated in the back row with 20 digs, Casper colllected 15, Eichenauer 14, West & Wagoner both with 12, Corrie Osborne had 11, Auler & Binkley managed 5, Day had 2, and the right sides Anna Osborne and Mattie McKee each had a single dig.


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