Wabash Gels At Manchester

It was a complete domination Friday for the Wabash Apache football team as they traveled to Manchester and defeated the Squires 42-0.

The Apache offense ground out over 400 yards while the defense held Manchester under 120yds.

Wabash scored with 6:58 left in the first to grab a 7-0 lead. The Apaches would tack on two scores in the second quarter at the 2:43 mark and with time running out for a 19-0 halftime lead.

At the 4:10 mark of the third quarter Wabash would make it 22-0 which would be the score after three.

Wabash would hit pay dirt three times in the fourth, scoring with 11:06 left and at 9:20 and 5:30 for the 42-0 final.

With the win, Wabash has their first 3-0 start since the 1967-68 season.

Wabash stats

Passing : Hipskind 10 of 15 for 130yds, 1TD

Rushing : Proctor 25 for 222yds, 3TD : Yeadon 17 for 77yds, 1TD : Hipskind 4 for 14yds, 1TD

Rec : Weber 2 for 56yds, 1TD : Dillon 5 for 52yds : Jones 1 for 10yds : Yeadon 1 for 8yds

Manchester statsĀ 

Passing : Ness 10 of 24 for 112yds

Rushing : Shepherd 9 for 16yds : Sellers 2 for 6yds : Gable 3 for 5yds

Rec : Norwood 8 for 105yds : McAtee 1 for 8yds : Gable 1 for 6yds : Shepherd 1 for 1yd.

Individual scoring by quarter will be added when received.

Photos By SamKnight

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