Wabash JH Splits With Oak Hill

The Wabash Middle School 7th Grade Volleyball Team won a 3 game match at Oak Hill on Thursday, Sept. 10th. Wabash came from behind in the 1st game, building momentum to challenge, but came up short losing 23-25 to Oak Hill. The Lady Apache 7th Grade Team took charge in the 2nd game, defeating Oak Hill 25-17. Wabash won the 3rd game of the match 15-0. The Wabash 7th Grade Volleyball Team record is 3-1.

Kyndal Fields led the Wabash 7th Grade Team with 16 Service Points, with 8 Aces, 3 Assists, 2 Service Receptions, and 7 Digs.
Nicole Gunderman had 10 Service Points with 2 Aces, 6 Service Receptions, 2 Digs, an Assist and 3 Kills.
Olivia Lindsay contributed 7 Service Points with 2 Aces, 2 Service Receptions, 2 Digs and 4 Assists.
Alivia Short had 4 Service Points with 2 Aces, 2 Service Receptions, 8 Kills and 3 Blocks.
Kylie Brumley had 4 Service Points with 2 Aces, 2 Digs, and an Assist.
Jordan Stumbo had an Assist, a Service Reception and 2 Digs.
Madison Lutz had an Assist and a Dig.
Allyson Dillon added a Kill.
Brooke Bowling and Isabelle Davis each had a Dig.
The Wabash 8th Grade Volleyball Team lost their match against Oak Hill in 2 close games, 24-25/24-25. The WMS 8th Grade Volleyball Team record is 2-2.
Leading the Apache 8th Grade Volleyball Team were:
Delaney Truman with 10 Service Points and 2 Kills.
Carmen Higdon with 8 Service Points, 6 Service receptions, 5 Kills and a Block.
Sydney Osborn with 5 Service Points, 3 Assists and 2 Kills.
Taylor Johnson with 6 Service Receptions, 7 Digs and a Kill.
Lexi Westendorf with 6 Assists and 5 Digs.
The WMS 7th & 8th Grade Volleyball teams will be back in action this Saturday, Sept. 12th at the Munciana Middle School Kick Off Bash Tournament in Yorktown, IN.

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