Squires Cruise Past North Miami

The Manchester boys basketball team defeated North Miami 64-30 Friday.

The Squires got points from every starter in the first as they jumped out to a 20-8 lead after one. Chase Fierstos, Braydon Sewell, David McAtee and Keelan Norwood all had two points buckets while Koehl Fluke drained a three.

The Squires would all but put the game away in the second, out scoring North Miami 17-7 to lead 37-15 at the half. Fierstos, McAtee, Fluke and Norwood all had buckets with Matthew Pegg hitting two free throws.

Fierstos and Fluke would lead the way in the third as each scored 6 points. Fluke connected on two long balls with Kam Lester also hitting a three and Braydon Casper a deuce. The Squires led 58-21 with a quarter to go before being out scored 9-6 in the fourth for the 64-30 final.

Scoring : Fierstos 16, Fluke 15, Norwood 12, McAtee 6, Pegg 4, Casper 4, Lester 3, Sewell 2, Hicks 2.


The Manchester junior varsity defeated North Miami 56-20.

Scoring : Casper 16, Wilson 11, Rooney 10, Schannep 5, Hicks 4, Davis 2, Trick 2, Lester 2, McAtee 2, Dierks 2.

Photos By Sam Knight

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