Wabash MS Soccer Shuts Out Maconaquah

The Wabash middle school soccer team defeated Maconaquah 7-0 Tuesday.

Wabash jumped out to an early lead by scoring in the second and fourth minutes then dominated offensively for the remainder of the game.  Elijah Vander Veldon shut out the Maconaquah offense in the first half and Sabine Thomas had some nice saves to secure the shut out.  Wabash is now 4-0.

Player Goals Shots Assists
Elijah Vander Veldon   1  
Jonah France 1 2  
Lena Cordes   1  
Traydon Goodwin 1 2 1
Tre Lopez 1 3  
Wyatt Davis   1 1
Paul Cordes   2  
Dacie Davis 1 2  
Maya Benysh 1 3  
Roberto Ruiz 1 2  
Sabine Thomas   1  
Ethan Higgins   1  
Asif Khan 1 2  
Grant Carendante   1


Goalkeeper Stats:

Player Saves Shots on Goal
Elijah Vander Veldon 1 1
Sabine Thomas 2 2

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