American League (5/7) & (5/6)

Saturday in the American League

Cubs 11, Red Sox 10

For the Red Sox Treyton Thrush had a single. Greyson DeBoard added a single, double, triple and 3 rbi. Brayden Livesay had 3 singles. Anakin Johnson had 2 singles, 2 rbi. Eddie Langston had 1 rbi.

For the Cubs Kobe Cruz had 2 singles, 2 rbi. Kasey Solomon added a single, triple and 2 rbi. Toby Cummins had 1 rbi.

Game two : Red Sox 9, Cubs 6

For the Cubs Kobe Cruz ha d a single and 1 rbi. Luke Andrews had a single.

For the Red Sox Greyson DeBoard had 3 singles, 1 rbi. Treyton Thrush had 2 rbi. Eddie Landston had a single. Brayden Livesay had 2 doubles. Anakin Johnson had 1 single.

White Sox 4, Yankees 3.

For the Yankees Aiden Hawkins pitched 4 innings, allowed 3 runs and struck out 10. Drake Sparling had a single and an rbi.

For the White Sox Leiv Hyden took the mound for his first appearance of the season and struck out 3 of 4, no runs.


Pirates 16, Indians 0

For the Pirates Johnny Prater had and inside the park home run. Aidan Wagner had 4 K’s on the mound and hit a double. Daniel Harshman had a strikeout on the mound. Luke Tacker had a triple. Bethani Hay had a double. Cayden Hubbard had a single. AJ Kirtlan had a single.

For the Indians Tyler Baer had 3 K’s on the mound. Courtney Dutton was 1 for 1.

Orioles 6, Dodgers 5.

For the Orioles Ryder Schram, Will Galley and Braden Crull each had an rbi.

For the Dodgers Walters had 2 rbi’s.

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