Wabash MS Soccer Blanks Peru

The Wabash MS soccer team defeated Peru 4-0 Monday night.   Roberto Ruiz led the offense by scoring a goal in each half and he provided an assist to Grant Carendante on the first goal of the game.  Maya Benysh put a nifty move on a defender before burying a left-footed shot from 15 yard out.  Jonah France and Paul Cordes anchored the defense and Elijah Vander Veldon kept a clean sheet by denying Peru on 5 shots.  Wabash is now 5-0 on the season.

Player Goals Shots Assists
Maya Benysh 1 2  
Tre Lopez   2  
Grant Carendante 1 3  
Daci Davis   2 1
Roberto Ruiz 2 5 1
Traydon Goodwin   1  



Goalkeeper Stats:

Player Saves Shots on Goal
Elijah Vander Veldon 5 5

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