Monday At The Little League Diamonds

There were two games at the Little League diamonds Monday, one American and one National.

In the National League the Cubs defeated the Giants 10-2.

For the Cubs Trevor Daughtry had a single. Nathan Lehner had 2 singles. Jarrett Craft added 2 singles with 1 rbi. Mason Dillon had a single and Easton Shaw added a 2 rbi double.

For the Giants Mason Hostetler had 2 singles and 1 rbi. Chayden Beeks added an rbi triple. Jaden Lake had a single.


In the American League the Dodgers defeated the Red Sox 11-10.

For the Dodgers John Moore, Logan Walters and Elijah Staggs each had a single.

For the Red Sox Treyton Thrush had 2 doubles and a single. Greyson DeBoard, Anakin Johnson and Cameron Ewing each had a single.

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