Saturday American League

There were three games in the American League Saturday.

In game one the White Sox defeated the Orioles 15-8.

For the White Sox Elijah Hunt had a single and 2 rbi’s. Isaiah Hunt had a 2 run home run. Kolton Sollars  and Vinny Meeks each had a hit.

For the Orioles Ryan McGouldrich, Will Galley, Caden Carmichael and Ryder Schram each had a hit. Galley and McGouldrick each had 2 rbi’s

In the second game of the double header the Orioles defeated the White Sox 10-9.

For the Orioles Ryan McGouldrick had a hit. For the White Sox Isiah Hunt and Kolton Sollars each had an rbi.

In game three the Pirates defeated the Cubs 12-3.

For the Pirates Aiden Wagner had a single. Landen Hubbard had a double. Johnny Prater had a single and 2 triples. Karson Baldwin had a triple and a bunt single. Luke Tacker had a double and a triple. Bethanei Hay had a single, double and a triple. AJ McCord had a single.

For the Cubs Izak Pennington had a single.

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