Tuesday National & American League

There were two little league games played Tuesday, one in the American and one in the National league.

In the American League the Red Sox downed the Indians 15 to 3 in 4 innings.

For the Red Sox Greyson DeBoard had a triple and a single, plus an inside the park grand slam. Treyton Thrush Had a single, a double and a triple, plus pitched the entire game. Eddie Langston had a double and Brayon Livesay added a single.

For the Indians Ethan Lochard had a home run.

In the National League he Yankees throttled the A’s 12 to 2 in 4 innings.

For the Yankees Jared Brooks had 2 singles and a walk. Dillon Tomlinson had a double and 2 singles. Koby Thomas added a triple and 2 singles. Blake Smith went 4 for 4 with 4 singles. Jacob Snyder had 2 singles and pitched a complete game. Tyson Baer had a single and a double.

For the A’s Andrew Dillon had a double. Dominic Baker added a single.

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