Thursday Little League

The were two games in the American League and two in the National Thursday.

In game one of the American League the Orioles defeated the Yankees 13-9.

For the Orioles Ryan McGoldrick, Dean Elzy and Ryan Schram all had singles. For the Yankees Braxton Lakin had a single. Danika Holbrook had a triple. Keaton Wallace pitched 1 inning with 3 strike outs. Ryland Miller pitched 2 innings with 4 strike outs.

In game two the Dodgers defeated the White Sox 16-6.

For the Dodgers Elijah Staggs had an inside the park home run, a triple and a double. Logan Walters had a double. For the White Sox Kolton Sollars had an inside the park home run. Lindsey Silvers went 2 for 2. Lillian Combs had a triple.


In game one of the National League the Giants topped the Cubs 10-3.

For the Giants Mason Hostetler had a single. Mo Lloyd had a 3 rbi triple. Jaden Lake added a double. Chayden Beeks had a double, single and 2 rbi’s. Braden Sickafus had 2 doubles and 2 rbi’s. Izaak Wright added a single. For the Cubs Jarrett Craft had a single. Jaret Denney added a 3 rbi single.

In game two the Blackhawks defeated the Red Sox 6-4.

For the Blackhawks Tyler Whitesel had a double. For the Red Sox Will Winer had a single. Chase Lopez added 2 doubles. Dylan Stout had a single. Noah Burkhart had a triple, single and 2 rbi’s.

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