Tuesday Little League

There were three game at the little league diamonds Tuesday.

In the American league the Orioles out lasted the Cubs 14-13.

For the Orioles Ryan McGouldrick had a 2 run home run. For the Cubs Kobe Cruz had 9 strike outs.

In National league action, in game one the Yankees remained undefeated by defeating the Braves 7-6.

For the Yankees Keaton Price caught a bunt off Jason Tait and threw to first for a double play. Jared Brooks, Ashton Smith, Dillon Tomlinson, Koby Thomas, Blake Smith, Jacob Snyder and Quintin Coe all scored in the second inning. For the Braves Joey Bland had a home run to start the game and had a triple, plus scored a run. Drayson Pace had a double and scored a run. Kolton Floor added a double and scored.

In game two the Cubs defeated the A’s 16-3.

For the Cubs Nathnan Lehner had a triple, double, single and 3 rbi’s. Jarrett Craft had a triple, single and 2 rbi’s. Hunter Vigar added 2 singles and 4 rbi’s. Easton Shaw had a 2 rbi single. Jaron Craft had an rbi single. Keaton Metzger had a single. For the A’s Andrew Dillon had a 2 rbi triple. Dominic Baker added a single. Brady Beck had 2 singles.

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