Friday Night Little League

There were two American League and one National League games played Friday night.

IN the American League the White Sox defeated the Cubs 22-12 in game one.

For the White Sox Isaiah Hunt and Kolton Sollars each had a home run. Lilian Combs and Elijah Hunt each had a single. Lyndsy Silvers had a triple and a single. For the Cubs Kobe Cruz and Kasy Solomon each had a single.

In game two the Pirates shut out the Orioles 13-0.

For the Pirates Aiden Wagner had a single. Cayden Hubbard had a home run and a single. Bethany Hay had a double and a single. Luke Tacker had a double. A.J. Kirtlan had a single. For the Orioles Ryder Schram had a single.

In the lone National League game the A’s defeated the Braves 7-5.

For the A’s Andrew Dillon had a double. Dominic Baker had two singles. Keegan Sherman had a triple and a single. Braxtyn Castro had an rbi single. Drew Castro had two singles and one rbi. Dylin Ross had a single. For the Braves Jason Tait had a single. Kolton Floor had two singles and one rbi. Justin Nelson had an rbi single. Paul Treska had an rbi single. Matt Daugherty had a single. Wade Riggle had a single.

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