Monday At The Little League Diamonds

There were four games at the little league diamonds Monday.

In a double header in the American league the White Sox defeated the Indians 18-12 in game one before winning game two 16-7.

For the White Sox Kasey Lamson had a single. Lydzy Silvers had 2 singles. Elijah Hunt added a single and a double. Levi Hyden had a triple.For the Indians Ethan Lochard had 2 singles. Courtney Dutton added 2 singles.

In the National League the Yankees defeated the Braves 14-4 to remain undefeated. In game two the Red Sox won over the Cubs 11-6.

For the White Sox Isiah Hunt had a single, a double and a triple, plus scored 3 runs. Lydsy Silvers recorded 2 strikeouts on her first time on the mound. For the Indians Chaz Harris scored 2 runs and walked 3 times. Erin Qualls pitched for the first time, getting 4 strike outs in 3 innings.

For the Yankees Jared Brooks had 3 singles, a double and 2 rbi. Dillon Tomlinson added 2 singles and 3 rbi’s. Koby Thomas had 3 doubles, a triple and 2 rbi’s. Jacob Snyder had 2 singles and 1 rbi. Keaton Price had 2 singles. For the Braves Joey Bland hit a home run and a single. Drayson Pace had 2 singles. Andrew Beebout added a double, single and 2 rbi’s.

For the Red Sox Cole Winer had a double, single and 2 rbi’s. Chase Lopez added a double and a single. Noah Burkhart and Dylan Stout each had a single. For the Cubs Nathan Lehner had a double and a single. Jaret Denney had a 2 rbi single. Jarrett Craft added 2 singles and 1 rbi. Mason Dillon had an rbi double. Easton Shaw and Keaton Metzger each had a single.

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