Friday American League

The was just one game in the American league Friday and it was a long one, with the two teams combining for 39 runs as the Red Sox defeated the White Sox 20-19.

For the Red Sox Greyson Deboard had 2 triples, a home run and 4 rbi’s. Cash Balsis had 2 singles and 2 rbi. Treyton Thrush added 2 singles. Eddie Langston had a single as did Jada Caudill and Cameron Ewing. Nick Ewing had a single and a double while Piper Balsis added 2 singles.

For the White Sox Hunter Alston had a triple. Kasey Lamson added a double. Isiah Hunt had 3 home runs with one being a grand slam. Kolton Sollars added a home run. Elijah Hunt had 2 singles. Lyndzy Silvers had a triple.

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