Saturday National League

The were three games in the National League Saturday.

The Yankees and Red Sox played two before the Cubs and A’s ended the evening.

In game one the Yankees defeated the Red Sox 7-3.

For the Yankees Blake Smith had 2 singles. Jared Brooks, Dillon Tomlinson, Jacob Snyder and Tyson Baer all had singles. For the Red Sox Cole Winer had 2 singles. Chase Lopez added a single.

In game two of the double header the Yankees came out on top 7-2.

For the Yankees Koby Thomas had a double and an rbi single. Blake Smith had 2 singles and 2 rbi’s. Jacob Snyder had 2 singles and 2 rbi’s. Collin Gouvan had an rbi double and a single. Dollin Tomlinson had 2 triples and recorded 16 strike outs on the mound. For the Red Sox Isaiah Sutton had 2 singles. Will Winer had an rbi double and a single. Cole Winer and Chase Lopez had singles.

In the third game of the night the Cubs defeated the A’s 11-1.

For the Cubs Trevor Daughtry had 2 singles and 1 rbi. Jarrett Craft had 3 doubles and 4 rbi’s. Mason Dillon added a double. For the A’s Andrew Dillon, Eli Callahan, Dylin Ross and Bryce Hill all had singles.

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