Monday At The Little League

There were three games at the Little League diamonds.

In the lone American League game the number one seed Dodgers defeated the Red Sox 15-5.

For the Dodgers John Moore went 2 for 3 with a triple and a single. Artie Wischman scored 3 times with a single and a double. Abby Fouts had a single. Aiden Hubbard added a single and 2 rbi’s. Jared Harner had 2 doubles and an rbi. Ricky Trejo had an rbi single. Logan Walters relieved on the mound. For the Red Sox Treyton Thrush and Eddie Langston each had a double. Greyson Deboard and Nick Ewing had singles.

Saturday in the American League the Yankees defeated the Cubs 8-4.

For the Yankees Alex Zinn had 2 singles. Drake Sparling added a single and a double. Ryland Miller, Conner Herring and Bo Winget all had singles. For the Cubs Eli Edwards had 2 singles. Kobe Cruz added a single and a triple. Toby Cummins had 2 singles. Izac Pennington had a single and a triple. Leelen Slone and Duke Sparks had singles.


In game one in the National League Monday the Braves defeated the Cubs 13-3.

For the Braves Joey Bland had an rbi single. Drayson Pace added 3 singles and 1 rbi. Justun Nelson had a 2 rbi single. Kolton Floor added an rbi triple and an rbi single. Matt Daugherty had a 3 rbi triple. Dane Mettler had an rbi single. Paul Treska added 2 singles. For the Cubs Jaron Craft had an rbi double. Trevor Daughtry, Nathan Lehner, Mason Dollin and Easton Shaw all had singles

In game two the Giants defeated the A’s 13-2.

For the Giants Mason Hostetler had 2 singles. Braden Sickafus added a single and a 2 rbi double. Chayden Beeks had a 2 run home run and an rbi single. Jaden Lake had a 2 rbi single and a home run. Braxton Worthington added a single. Jason Oprisek had 2 singles and 1 rbi. Drew Shoemaker had a single. For the A’s Andrew Dillon had 2 singles. Braxtyn Castro had an rbi triple. Eli Callahan and Dylin Ross each had a single.

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