Thursday American League

There were two games in the American League Thursday with the Orioles winning a double header over the Red Sox 12-8 and 12-6.

In game one for the Orioes Caden Carmichael had 10 strike outs on the mound and collected a base hit. For the Red Sox Greyson DeBoard had a triple and a single. Sada Caudill, Treyton Thrush, Brayon Livesay and Eddie Langston all had singles.

In game two for the Orioles Ryan McGouldrick had 5 strike outs on the mound. Will Galley, Braydon Crull, Colton Schuler and Maddox Elzy all had singles. For the Red Sox Greyson DeBoard and Treyton Thrush had hits.

With our new face lift in progress we could not post game pictures, but you can find them on our facebook page under the American League album.

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