Yankees Wrap Up Undefeated Season

The were two games in the National League Friday, with both games deciding tournament seeding.

In game one the Giants upset the Braves 12-3.

For the Giants Mason Hostetler had 2 singles and a 2 rbi double. Braden Sickafus added a 2 rbi single. Chayden Beeks had 2 singles and a home run. Izaak Wright had 3 singles. Braxton Worthington added an rbi single. Kameron Miricle had a 2 rbi single.

For the Braves Kolton Floor had a single. Andrew Beebout had a two run home run. Joey Bland, Paul Treska, Matt Daugherty and Wade Riggle all had singles.


In game two the Yankees capped off an undefeated season(18-0) by defeating the Blackhawks 10-2.

For the Yankees Jared Brooks had 2 singles. Dillon Tomlinson added and inside the park home run and a triple. Blake Smith had an rbi double. Jacob Snyder had 2 singles. Keaton Price added a double. Tyson Baer had a single.

For the Blackhawks Justin Booth had a 2 rbi double. Keaton Fields, Brandon McKillip and Jordan Livesay each had a single.



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