American League Tourney

The American League tourney got underway Saturday.

In game one the Dodgers defeated the Yankees 11-3

For the Dodgers Logan Walters and Ashton Good each had 2 singles. John Moore added a single. Elijah Staggs had 2 home runs with Artie Wischman adding a home run. For the Yankees Keaton Wallace had 2 singles. Logan Hiner, Alex Zinn and Drake Sparling each had a single.

In game two the White Sox defeated the Red Sox 18-11.

For the White Sox Isaiah Hunt and Elijah Hunt each had 2 singles. Hunter Alston had a single along with Levi Hyden, Bryant Pattee, Lyndzy Silvers and Jimmy Meeks. For the Red Sox Grayson DeBoard had 2 singles along with Cameron Ewing and Piper Balsis. Cash Balsis, Eddie Langston, Brayton Livesay, Jada Caudill and Anakin Johnson each had a single.

In game three the Pirates topped the Indians 14-4.

For the Pirates Johnathan Anderson went 2 for 2 and scored 2 runs. Aiden Wagner had a home run and John Prater a triple.  Daniel Harshman was the closer with a strike out and started the game ending double play. For the Indians Tyler Baer had a hit and scored a run. Also scoring was Erin Quals, Ethan Lochard and Courtney Dutton.

In game four the Orioles defeated the Cubs 18-5.

For the Orioles Ryan McGouldrick had a 2 run home run. Bradon Crull had a 2 run double. Also getting a hit and an rbi was Dean Elzy, Will Galley, Ryder Schram and Braydon Crull. For the Cubs Kobe Cruz had a triple.

The tournament will resume Monday.

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