National League Tourney

The National League tourney started Saturday with three games on hand.

In game one the Cubs defeated the Red Sox 7-6.

For the Cubs Trevor Daughtry had a triple. Nathan Lehner added a double. Jarrett Craft had an rbi double. Mason Dillon had an rbi triple. Brayton Eis had a single. Jaron Craft added a single with Easton Shaw adding an rbi single. For the Red Sox Isaiah Sutton had a triple and a double. Cole Winer added an rbi triple and an rbi double. Chase Lopez had an rbi single with Noah Burkhart hitting a triple.

In game two the Braves defeated the A’s 12-9.

For the Braves Kolton Floor had 3 singles. Drayson Pace added a single and a 2 rbi double. Paul Treska had a 2 rbi double and a 2 rbi triple. Matt Daugherty had a 2 rbi single and a double. Wade Riggle and Caleb Daughtery each had a single. For the A’s Andrew Dillon had 2 singles. Dominic Baker added 2 singles. Braxtyn Castro had an rbi single. Dylin Ross and Drew Castro each had 2 singles.

In game three the Giants defeated the Blackhawks 11-8.

For the Giants Mason Hostetler had 2 singles, a double and 1 rbi. Chayden Beeks had a 2 rbi double and an rbi triple. Izaak Wright added an rbi single. Jaden Lake had a 2 rbi triple,a single and an rbi double. Braxton Worthington had a single. Kameron Miracle added a 2 rbi single and Drew Shoemaker had a single. For the Blackhawks Justin Booth had 3 singles and 3 rbi’s. Jared Holmes had 2 singles. Jaiden Truman had a 2 run home run, a double and an rbi single. Kaitlynn Honeycutt had a single. Brandon McKillip added 2 singles. Jordan Livesay had a triple.

Day two of the tournament will play Monday.

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