Friday American League Tourney

There were two games in the American League tourney Friday.

In game one the Cubs defeated the White Sox 16-13.

For the Cubs Kobe Cruz, Kasey Solomon and Anthony Soden each had a single. For the Whits Sox Lili Combs had 2 singles. Isaiah Hunt had a single and a double. Kolton Sollars had a single and a triple. Levi Hyden had a single and a double. Elijah Hunt and Lyndzy Silvers each had a single.


In game two the Orioles defeated the Red Sox 11-6.

For the Orioles Will Galley had a single and a double. Caiden Carmichael tripled to end the game. Brayden Crull had a double and 2 rbi’s. For the Red Sox Greyson DeBoard had 2 singles and a triple. Eddie Langston, Braydon Livesay and Jada Caudill each had a single. Cameron Ewing added a triple.

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