Friday National League Tourney

There were two games in the National League tourney Friday.

In game one the Blackhawks defeated the Cubs 16-13.

For the Blackhawks Mason Fisher had a 2 rbi double. Jordan Livesay added a triple. Jaiden Truman had an rbi triple. Tyler Whitesel had an rbi double and a 3 rbi triple. Justin Booth had 3 singes and 1 rbi. Keaton Fields had a double. Brandon McKillip had a single and Grayson Harner added a 2 rbi double.

For the Cubs Trevor Daughtry had 2 singles and 1 rbi. Nathan Lehner added a single and a 2 rbi double. Jarrett Craft had a 2 rbi triple, a single and an rbi double. Mason Dillon added an rbi double and a single. Jaron Craft had an rbi single. Keaton Metzger had a 2 rbi single.

In game two the Yankees won their 20th game without a loss over the Braves 13-3 to advance to the championship game Monday.

For the Yankees Jared Brooks had 2 singles and 1 rbi. Ashton Smith added 2 singles. Dillon Tomlinson had a triple. Koby Thomas had 2 doubles and 1 rbi. Bake Smith added an rbi single and a double. Jacob Snyder had 3 singles, a double and 3 rbi’s. Keaton Price had 2 singles. Jackson Smith added 2 singles and 2 rbi’s. For the Braves Kolton Floor had an rbi double.


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