Pirates Crowned American League Champs

The Cubs and the Dodgers battled it out for a shot at taking on the Pirates in the American League tourney championship, with the Dodgers edging the Cubs 6-4.

For the Dodgers Logan Walters, Ashton Good and Elijah Staggs each had a single. Artie Wishman added 2 singles and a double. Aiden Hubbard had a double.

For the CubsDuke Sparks and Toby Cummins each had 2 singles.


With the win the Dodgers met the Pirates in the championship with the Pirates taking the tourney 13-5.

For the Pirates Aiden Wagner had a single. Bethany Hay had a 2 rbi home run. Karson Baldwin added a single. Ceyonna Hubbard had a 2 rbi double and Johnathon Anderson added a single.

For the Dodgers John Moore had a single. Artie Wishman had a double. Abby Fouts and Aidan Hubbard each had a single.

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