Manchester Tennis Fifth At West Noble

Manchester High School Finishes 5th out of 8 teams with 24 points

Coach’s Quote: Our doubles teams found a way to lead us today as our singles players experienced a very difficult draw. I was incredibly pleased with our effort and commitment to the long day of tennis. The last matches of the day particularly stand out for me. After playing for several hours, the Squire tennis team went 4-1 in the final matches of the day and the one loss was in a Championship Round for #2 Doubles. It showed some real heart and gritty determination to play five-six hours of tennis and come out victorious in those final matches.

#1 Singles: Luke Donathan (10) (12)
7th Place 2 points
Round 1: LOST 06, 36
to Mitchel Kuhlenbeck (Bluffton)
Consolation: LOST 16,06
to Bryce Sterling (Bremen)
7th Place: WON 83 to Aiden Driver (Howe Military)

#2 Singles: Spence Trick (10) (12)
7th Place 2 points
Round 1: LOST 06,06to Carter Filchak (Bremen)
Consolation: LOST 36,36to Ethan VanWagner (Central Noble)
7th Place: WON 50(Retired) Matt Sampson (Howe Military)
#3 Singles: Logan Parrett (10) (12)
7th Place 2points
Round 1: LOST 16,06to Reggie Parker (Central Noble)
Consolation: LOST 26,06to Landon McClish (Bluffton)
7th Place: WON 86 to Neiman Gould (Howe Military)
#1 Doubles: Heath Dierks (12) & Parker Wagoner (11) (21)
3rd 8pts
Round 1: WON 64,64to Jay Sun & Joe Gomez (Howe Military)
LOST 06,06to Jake Strehler & Chandler Snyder (Bremen)
3rd Place: WON 64,64 to Isaac Weimer & Brock Bohde (West Noble)
#2 Doubles: Kyle Shepherd (10) & Uria Hein (10) (21)
2nd 10pts
Round 1: WON 62,67(4),(106)v. Hunter Saggars/Caleb Thompson (W. Noble)
WON 60,63to Dalton Brenneke & Devin Kamp (Central Noble)
Championship: LOST 06,06 to Dane Erehenman & Brent Kreiger (H. North

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