Wabash JH Volleyball At Yorltown

The Wabash 7th and 8th Grade Volleyball Teams traveled to Yorktown on Saturday, Sept. 10th to compete in the Munciana MS Bash. The Wabash 7th Grade Team went 2-2 for the day, winning over Eastern 25-21/25-14, and Monroe Central 25-20/19-25/15-7. The Wabash Lady Apache 7th Grade Team lost to Alexandria 15-25/16-25, and to West Side 3-25/9-25. The Wabash MS 7th Grade Team record is now 7-4.

The Wabash 8th Grade Lady Apache Volleyball Team came in 3rd out of 10 teams, going 3-2 for the day. Their record is now 10-4. The Wabash 8th Grade Team defeated Monroe Central, 25-18/25-19, Wes-Del 25-9/25-18, and Driver 25-7/25-5. The Wabash 8th Grade Team lost 2 matches to Yorktown, with scores of 16-25 /17-25 their 1st match and 13-25/7-25 their 2nd match.

Statistics for the 7th Grade Team:

Patience Collins McPherson had:
(25) Service Points, including (9) Aces, (4) Kills, (16) Service Receptions, (18) Digs and an Assist.

Kiersten O’ Neil had:
(22) Service Points, including (12) Aces, (4) Assists, (2) Kills, (9) Service Receptions, and (11) Digs.

Brook Westendorf had:
(20) Service Points, including (8) Aces, (7) Kills, (8) Digs, and (15) Service Receptions.

Emma Cain had:
14 Service Points, including (7) Aces, (4) Kills, (2) Stuff Blocks, an Assist, (5) Service Receptions, and (5) Digs.

Kaitlyn Mckernan had:
(8) Service Points, including an Ace, a Stuff Block, (8) Service Receptions, and (5) Digs.

Ellen Mckenzie had:
(3) Service Points, a Kill, (6) Assists, (6) Service Receptions, and (6) Digs.

Kasey Long had an Assist, (2) Digs, and (8) Service Receptions.

Kalista Ballschmidt had (3) Digs and (7) Service Receptions.

Kaydence Collins had a Kill, (7) Service Receptions and (14) Digs.

Statistics for the 8th Grade:

Nicole Gunderman had:
(49) Service Points with (29) Aces, (18) Digs, (22) Service Receptions, and (13) Kills.

Olivia Lindsay had:
(35) Service Points with 4 Aces, (32) Assists, (14) Digs, and (8) Service Receptions.

Alivia Short had:
(24) Service Points with 15 Aces, (13) Digs, (9) Service Receptions, (14) Kills,
(7) Blocks and (2) Stuff Blocks.

Kyndal Fields had:
(12) Service Points with 2 Aces, (20) Service Receptions, and (28) Digs.

Brooke Bowling had (6) Service Points, (18) Digs, and (16) Service Receptions.

Jordan Stumbo had (9) Digs, (5) Service Receptions, (4) Kills, and a Block.

Mariah Wyatt had (4) Assists, (5) Kills, and (4) Blocks.

Kylie Brumley had (5) Digs and (4) Service Receptions.

Kylie Ray had (8) Assists, and a Block.

Linda Fu had (2) Digs and (2) Kills.

Rebeccah King had (2) Service Points.

The Wabash MS 7th & 8th grade Volleyball Teams will be back in action on Monday, Sept. 12th at Peru Jr High School. The 7th Grade Match will start at 5:30 p.m. with the 8th Grade match to follow.

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