Lady Squires Pick Up Road Win

The Manchester Lady Squires got their first road test Saturday, traveling to Bluffton and holding on to defeat the Tigers 36-34.

Manchester led 19-8 at the half before being out scored 21-10 in the third to tie the game with a quarter to go. The Lady Squires won the fourth 7-5 for the 36-34 win.

Key Statistics:
Kiera Hatfield-
Kennedy Fierstos- 6 point s
Ellie Milam- 1 point
Emma West- 4 points
Sydney Day- 5 points
Karigan Hatfield-
Rae Bedke- 2 points
Erika Kendall- 2 points
Bailey Sewell- 8 points
Cierra Carter- 8 points

The Manchester junior varsity defeated Bluffton 28-18.

Key Statistics:
Mackenzie Day- 2 points, 2 rebounds
Bailey Mooney- 1 steal
Gabbie Brewer-5 pts, 2 rebounds
Kiera Hatfield-6 point, 3 steals, 2 rebounds
Kyrsten Eakright-2 pts, 5 rebounds
Emily Mize- 1 steal
Kennidy Lauer- 7 points, 8 rebounds
Ranissa Shambarger- 4 points, 1 assist
Greta Cunningham-
Kiera Stacy-2 points, 4 rebounds


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