Balance Leads Lady Squires Past Maconaquah

The Manchester girls basketball team had maybe their best all around game of the year on both ends of the floor Tuesday, scoring 26 points in the first quarter while holding Maconaquah to just 16 points the entire game for a 64-16 win. The Lady Squires put 11 players in the scoring column.

The Lady Squires led 26-3 after the first quarter before holding the Braves scoreless in the second for a 40-3 halftime score. Manchester would go on to win the second half 24-13.

Key Statistics:
Kiera Hatfield- 6 points, 2 st e a l s, 1 re b o u n d
Kennedy Fierstos- 4 point s, 2 re b o u n d s
Ellie Milam- 4 points, 1 re b o u n d , 1 a ssi st
Emma West- 2 points, 4 st e a l s, 3 re b o u n d s, 2 a ssi st s
Sydney Day- 7 points, 4 st e a l s, 2 re b o u n d s, 1 a ssi st
Karigan Hatfield- 9 points
Rae Bedke- 3 points, 3 s t e a l s
Erika Kendall- 4 points, 4 re b o u n d s, 1 st e a l
Rachel Cave- 2 points, 1 st e a l
Bailey Sewell- 11 points, 3 re b o u n d s, 2 st e a l s
Cierra Carter- 12 points, 2 re b o u n d s, 2 st e a l s, 2 assists

The Manchester junior varsity defeated Maconaquah 30-17.
Key Statistics:
Mackenzie Day- 1 assist
Bailey Mooney- 1 point, 2 steals
Gabbie Brewer- 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 steals
Kiera Hatfield- 7 points, 2 rebounds, 1 steal
Kyrsten Eakright- 1 steal
Emily Mize- 1 rebound
Kennidy Lauer- 3 points, 4 rebounds
Ranissa Shambarger- 7 points, 2 steals, 1 rebound
Greta Cunningham- 2 points, 1 steal
Kiera Stacy- 4 points, 3 rebounds
Rachel Cave- 2 points, 1 rebound, 1 steal

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