Lady Apaches Come Back Falls Short In Sectional Championship

The Wabash Lady Apaches dug themselves a deep, deep hole in the first two quarters of the sectional championship Saturday before making a remarkable comeback in the third and scaring the holy out of #5 Oak Hill, falling to the Lady Eagles 55-47.

Oak Hill would jump out to a 6-0 lead off buckets from Kaela Robey, Jenessa Hasty and Kristin Dubois before Jaycee parrett hit a free throw to make it 6-1. Hasty would then hit two free throws before Taylor Westgate scored off an offensive rebound to give Oak Hill a 10-1 lead after one.

The domination would continue for the Lady Eagles to start the second as Robey converted a three point play off a rebound, then hit two more free throws before a Hasty bucket to lead 17-1. Jaycee Parrett would hit a free throw to make it 17-2 before Andrea Wilk made it 19-2. Bailey Yoakum would sink two free throws for the Apaches to make it 19-4 before Wabash got their first bucket of the game from Parrett with 4:28 left in the half. Parrett would score two more times as Wabash cut the Oak Hill lead to 19-10 before Westgate hit to stop the Wabash run. Parrett and Westgate would trade points with Oak Hill up 10 when Adrianna Trexler made it 26-13 with a three. Parrett would the score her 12th point of the quarter before Robey ended the quarter with two free throws, giving Oak Hill a 28-15 lead at the half. Wabash shot 0% in the first quarter and 17.4% in the second.

The tide would turn in the third as Wabash came out with emotion, scoring the first 5 points. Yoakum and Carmen Higdon each had a bucket as Wabash cut the Oak Hill lead to 28-20 before Hasty hit a three to make it 31-20. The Hasty three would be the only bucket for the Eagles in the quarter as they went cold while Wabash did just the opposite. Tabitha Wagner would hit a free throw before a Higdon three made it 31-24. Abby Vinopal would then score off an offensive rebound and convert a three point play before Yoakum scored off a steal and hitting a free throw to make it 31-30 with a quarter to go.

The fourth quarter would be a knock down, drag out. Trexler would give Oak Hill a 34-30 lead off a three that was answered by a Parrett bucket to make it 34-32. Trexler would the score off a rebound before two Parrett free throws made it 36-34. Hasty and Yoakum would trade free throws before Trexler hit, followed by a Robey free throw to give the Eagles a 41-36 lead before a Parrett three made it 41-39. The two teams would continue to duke it out with Oak Hill leading 49-47 with 1:15 left and Wabash needing a bucket to tie. The Wabash shot was blocked with the Apaches eventually fouling with 32.5 left. Robey would hit one free throw to make it 50-47 before the Eagles got a steal and were fouled with 21.6 on the clock. Hasty would hit both free throws for a 52-47 lead before a Wabash turn over gave Oak Hill the ball back. Wabash would foul with 16.4 on the clock with Hasty hitting one free throw, before Westgate hit two more with 7.1 left for the 55-47 final.

Athlete Name Pts
Sabrina Wagner (Sr)
Jaycee Parrett (Sr) 25
Bailey Yoakum (Jr) 11
Tristan Vigar (Jr)
Abby Vinopal (So) 3
Tabatha Wagner (So) 1
Carmen Higdon (Fr) 7
Athlete Name Off Def Tot Reb Ast Stls Blks
Sabrina Wagner (Sr) 1 1 2 0 1
Jaycee Parrett (Sr) 3 5 8 1 3
Bailey Yoakum (Jr) 2 2 4 0 6
Tristan Vigar (Jr) 0 0 1 1
Abby Vinopal (So) 1 2 3 0 3 1
Chelsea Archer (Sr) 0 0 0 0
Tabatha Wagner (So) 1 3 4 0 0 1
Carmen Higdon (Fr) 3 1 4 0 1



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