Manchester 2016-2017 Winter Sports Awards

Girls’ Basketball
Rotary Mental Attitude – Bailey Sewell
Squire Award – Erika Kendall
Most Rebounds – Sydney Day
Best Free Throw % – Sydney Day
6 th Man Award – Ellie Milam
JV Scoring Award (5.8 ppg) – Kiera Hatfield
JV Highest FG% (40%) – Kennidy Lauer
Rotary Mental Attitude – Collin Meggison
Squire Award – Quentin Moore
Best Record (35-4) – Delton Moore
Most Improved – Kevin McIntyre
Squire Tough – Braxtin Wilson
JV Wrestler of the Year – Bryce Kamphues
JV Gladiator Award – Keaton Love
Boys’ Basketball
Rotary Mental Attitude – David McAtee
Squire Award – David McAtee
Rebound Award (116) – Mason Hamby
Best Defender – Brayden Casper
Best FT % (85.4%) – Koehl Fluke
JV Mental Attitude– Spence Trick
JV Most Improved – Isaiah Davis
C-Team Most Improved – Klay Little
C-Team Mental Attitude – Justin Self
Girls’ Swimming
Rotary Mental Attitude – Cora Barnett
Squire Award – Tahnee Fuentes
Most Improved – Katie Barker
Golden Goggle Award – Emma Burlingame
Piranha High Point Award – Skye Fierstos
Boys’ Swimming
Rotary Mental Attitude – Luke Donathan
Squire Award – Ben Green
Most Improved – Eric Morales
Most Improved – Alex Newell
Golden Goggle Award – Jacob Slavkin
Piranha High Point Award – Parker York
Rotary Mental Attitude – Saebre’ Barker
Squire Award – Charley Lee
Choreography – Megan Baxter
Most Improved – TeriAnn Hall
Best Attitude – Jerry Bauer
JV Most Improved – Taylor McLaughlin
JV Best Base – Madison Gatchel

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