Lady Knights Win At Marion

The Southwood softball team grabbed an early lead on its way to a 6-1 victory over Marion on Friday.

The Knights scored 4 runs in the first and 2 in the seventh while MaKenna Pace shut down the Giants.

Southwood collected seven hits. Atwood, Thomas, and Keagan Simpson all had two hits to lead Southwood.

TB: Kassidy Atwood 2, Kassity Simpson, Keagan Simpson 2, Tabitha Thomas 2
RBI: Kassidy Atwood, Makayla Proffitt, Keagan Simpson 2, Tabitha Thomas 2
SAC: Makayla Proffitt
ROE: Makayla Proffitt, Tabitha Thomas
FC: Kassity Simpson
HBP: Brooke Elliott, Taylor Heath 2, Kayla Mays, MaKenna Pace
SB: Olivia Adams, Kassidy Atwood, Brooke Elliott, MaKenna Pace, Tabitha Thomas
CS: Kassity Simpson

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