Etna Junior/Senior Tournament

Junior / Senior tournament on June 10th was played in an alternate shot format with the senior teeing off the odd holes and the junior off the even holes.
Here are the results:
Kids Age 12 and over 1st place shooting 52 Drayson and Carl Pace, 2nd with a 58 Cayden Powell and Abby Houlihan, and 3rd was Dayne Pefley and Kyle Pries shooting a 67.
Kids age 10-11 1st place with a 51 Braylon Judy and Steve Davis, 2nd with a 62 Seth Castle and Brian Campbell, 3rd scoring a 63 Wyatt Rucker and Pam Clark.
Kids age 9 and under 1st place Wyatt Shearer and Carol Clabaugh with a 59, 2nd shooting a 61 was Jacob and Chris Vandegrift. 3rd scoring a 67 Dylan Powell and Lavon Birkey.

Our next Junior/ senior tournament is open to any junior with a senior partner will be Sunday, June 18th at 2:30.

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