All County Track

Wabash County Sports and The Wabash Plain Dealer have combined to announce our first ever All County track teams. The teams consist of 8 runners and 4 field events athletes.

Girls Track

Girls Runners
Rae Bedke-Manchester
Tahnee Fuentes-Manchester
Ellie White-Southwood
Morgan Farr-Southwood
Makenna Dawes-Southwood
Jacklyn Peas-Northfield
Brittany Bussard-Northfield
Chelsea Archer-Wabash

Girls Field Events
Bailey Sewell-Manchester
Ashley Parson-Southwood
Eva Goff-Southwood
Trinidy Wyatt-Wabash

Girls Track Athlete of the Year-Rae Bedke of Manchester

Girls Track Coach of the Year-Julie Cassel of Manchester


Boys Track

Jackson Beery-Northfield
Ryan Driscoll-Northfield
John Schuler-Northfield
Remington Trick-Manchester
Jake Schannep-Manchester
Jackson Simons-Southwood
Koby Prater-Wabash
Dereck Vogel-Wabash

Field Events
Isaiah Davis-Manchester
Kade Kennedy-Northfield
Austin Vinopal-Wabash
Heath Dierks-Manchester

Boys Track Athlete of the Year-Jackson Beery of Northfield

Boys Track Coach of the Year-Julie Cassel of Manchester

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