Friday At The Jr/Sr League

Stopped by the jr/sr league diamond Friday to take in some action. In game one the Royals defeated the Orioles. followed by the Cubs topping the Giants in game two. In the final game the Dodgers got past the Cardinals.

Cubs beat Giants 6-5. Chance Hartman 2-3 2doubles 2 rbi 2 runs
Blake harner 2-3 1run
Levi faulkerson 2-4 2 runs 1sb
Blake harner 4 2/3 ip 5 runs 2 er 9ks 5 bb 2 hits
(W) Chance Hartman 2 1/3 innings 0er 2ks 3bbs 2 hits

Allison, Gidley, Boggs 1-3
Boggs 2 runs 1bb single
Gidley 1bb single
Learned 0-2 1 rbi 2 walks

(L) Jasper Walter 7ip 6 runs 6er 5k 1bb 10 hits

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