Etna Senior Scramble

June 20th Senior Scramble League results:
1st place winning with a back-up bird on #7 and shooting a 33 was the team of: Jim shearer, Tom Oldencamp, Larry Sprowl, and Don Berryhill. They tied with: Dean Sink, John Myers, Jim Leming, and John Ayers. 4 teams tied at 34.
Closest to the pins: #2 Lee Richards, #8 Jim DuBois (also had long drive on 34)
Long Drive on #3 Bob Bishop
Chip ins: John Jones, Steve Shoptaw and Gary Shroyer.
55 senior enjoyed a dry day on the course

June 20 Tuesday Night Mens’ League results:
Closest to the pins: #2 Claude Nelson #8 Todd Rebholz
Long drive on # Todd Rebholz
Low Scores: 33 Devin Dale, 38 Mike Goetz, and 39 Todd Stoffel

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