Etna Acres Weekend Results

August Potluck results:
WOW! 28 people showed up for the potluck today! Whooo hoooo! (and everyone got to eat regardless of how their team finished.)
1st place shooting 33 Mike Bickel, Rex Ziegler, Debbie Reahard, and Carol Clabaugh.
2nd place winning in the back up with a 34 Dick Smith, Paul Schroeter, Cheryl Chopson and Diane Shoptaw.

Etna Acres Club Championship results:
Ladies Champion: Dayna Dale with 161
Low net JoDee Dale 146
Men’s Champion: Paul Farlow with 165,
Low net Jeff Morris 158
Senior Champion: Rod Cole 154,
2nd Low gross Mike Goetz 164, 3rd low gross Ed Tackett 165
1st low net Bob Mendoza 136, 2nd low net Tim Morris 141, 3rd low net Larry Thrush 145
Super Seniors: Bob Hoch 158,
2nd low gross Len Cross 171, 3rd low gross Larry Garrett 172
1st low net Dave Wilhelm 133, 2nd low net Paul Schroeter 139, 3rd low net Dean Sink 147

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