Hat Tricks Lift Manchester Soccer Past Lakeland

The Manchester boys soccer team got hat tricks fromĀ Isaiah Davis andĀ Brandon Wagoner as they defeated Lakeland 6-3 Tuesday.

The Squires were looking for some offense. The last two games only one goal was scored. Isaiah Davis found the goal in the first five minutes. Nathan Self assisted him on the goal. Manchester had 7 shots on goal the 1st half.

Brandon Wagoner had the 2nd goal of the half assisted by Nathan. Davis got his 2nd goal of the half unassisted. Wagoner scored early in the 2nd assisted by Eric Morales. The Squires take a 4-0 lead. That’s when Parker Stewart Came alive for Lakeland. he had 4 shots on goal. Finding the back of the net 3 times. Wagoner and Davis scored one more each. assisted by Noah Beck and Caleb Stout.

Manchester moves to 10-2-1. 7th year in a row with 10 wins or more.


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