RRC & TRC Cross Country Meet Results

The RRC and TRC cross country meets were held at Manchester Saturday.

The first race of the day was the junior high boys. Wabash finished second, Manchester fourth, Northfield sixth. Southwood did not field a full team.

Scoring for Wabash was Dave Ford in 5th, Damian Jones 7th, Kaden Vogel 18th, Sammy Smith 19th, Brodie Craft 24th, Ethan Berry 27th, Quintin Coe 31st.

For Manchester Raice Martin was 4th, Lane Stetzel 9th, Cade Jones 12th, Jay Conliff 36th, Caleb Smith 39th, Jacob Hesting 41st, Jonathan Eberly 42nd.

Alex Reed led Northfield in 13th, Brandon McKillip 15th, Ryan Brunett 35th, Brady McDonald 38th, Reid Haupert 50th, James Parker 58th.

For Southwood Jabob Marlow(28th) and Skylar Amos(60th) did not score.

The Wabash 5th graders finished 8th. Chase Howard led the Apaches in 26th, Keatin Wallace 43rd, Jace Bullins 44th, Kasen Oswalt 45th, Braxten Lakin 54th.

The next race was the junior high girls. Manchester won the RRC. Northfield was 5th, Southwood and Wabash did not field complete team.

Scoring for for Manchester was Josie Briner in 1st, Kambree Cashdollar 2nd, Jaci Naragon 6th, Ainsley West 11th, Kaesyn Lester 17th, Skye McCullough 26th, Paulie Martin 32nd.

Scoring for Northfield was Addy Rosen in 4th, Mara Zolman 15th, Gracie Dale 27th, Anna Kissel 35th, Gabby Haupert 39th, Jaycie Krom 41st, Liv Dale 42nd

Hattie Cochran(71st) and Maddison Hunter(79th) ran for Southwood. Linda Cordes(40th) and Grace La Mar(45th) ran for Wabash

Next up was the boys varsity race won by the Wabash Apaches. Manchester was 2nd, Southwood 5th, Northfield 7th.

Scoring for Wabash was Dereck Vogel in 2nd, Koby Prater 3rd, Zack Reed 6th, Blakely Stevens 14th, Jacob Bruss 15th, Caleb Callahan 16th, Wyatt Davis 52nd.

For Manchester Lance bennett was 10th, Carter Bedke 11th, Ethan Davis 21st, Montgomery Pattison 22nd, Benjamin Reichenbach 23rd, Reece Academic 31st, Kaden Dillon 50th

For Southwood Braden Sweet was 4th, Chase Guenin 7th, Cayden Prickett 26th, Carson Kelley 41st, Landon Topliff 44th, Lamoine Silvers 45th, Ben Roudeboush 48th

For Northfield Andrew Burns was 5th, Jarrett Wilson 12th, Peyton Frye 19th, Grant Dale 60th, Cayden Pennington 63rd, Ben Kissel 64th

The last race of the day was the girls varsity. Manchester finished 3rd, Northfield 4th, Wabash 7th. Southwood did not field a full team.

Scoring for Manchester was Jaelyn Webb in 3rd, Torina Runkel 9th, Katie Barker 15th, Sydney Diefenbaugh 20th, Maddy Evans 25th, Anna Markham 34th, Kaitlyn Blum 41st

For Northfield Alyssa McKillip was 10th, Natasha Leland 21st, Michelle Hunt 24th, Bailey Burcroff 26th, Brittany Bussard 30th, Jenna Krom 38th, Liz Moore 39th.

For Wabash Whitney Working finished 22nd, Kennedy Brackett 31st, Sierra Hall 33rd, Angel Wehrly 36th, Camille Kugler 45th.

Morgan Farr(8th) and Monica Hobson(32nd) ran for Southwood

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