Cross Country Season Ends At Semi State

Two teams and seven individuals ran their final cross country meet at two different semi states Saturday. To qualify for the state finals a team must finish in the top 6, while and individual had to finish in the top 10 from a non qualifying team.

The Manchester boys team, plus Jaelyn Webb and Torina Runkel ran at New Prairie. The Squire boys finished 20th as a team.

Lance Bennett 100th 17:59.4 : Carter Bedke  106th 18:06.5 : Ethan Davis 120th 18:41.3 : Reece Adameic 125th 18:57.4 : Montgomery Pattison  127th 19:01.5 : Benjamin Reichenbach  (128th) 19:15.3 : Kaden Dillon  (138th) 21:35.7

Jaelyn Webb 69th 20:20.8 : Torina Runkel 100th 21:01.5

The Wabash boys team plus, Morgan Farr, Brayden Sweet & Chase Guenin of Southwood, plus Alyssa McKillip and Andrew Burns of Northfield ran at New Haven.

The Wabash boys team finished 15th.

Koby Prater finished 15th in 16:28.19, just one spot from qualifying for the state finals. Zack Reed 46th 17:12.46, Blakely Stevens 91st 17:55.06, Jacob Bruss 109th 18:20.00, Caleb Callahan 121st 18:46.33, Dereck Vogel 128th 19:15.31, Wyatt Davis 135th 19:46.64.

Braden Swee 57th 17:05.03, Chase Guenin 104th 17:41.70, Andrew Burns 112th 17:46.88

Alyssa McKillip 66th 20:40.25, Morgan Farr 107th 21:14.82


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