2017 County Basketball Draw

The 2017 Wabash County basketball tournament draw was held Monday at the Manchester Pizza Hut. All 8 varsity and all 8 junior varsity coaches were on hand to find out who they play. The tourney will be played at Wabash

Friday 12/29 Home VS Visitor
Girls JV 9:00 Southwood Northfield
Boys JV 10:30 Southwood Northfield
Girls JV 12:00 Wabash Manchester
Boys JV 1:30 Wabash Manchester
Girls Varsity 3:00 Northfield Southwood
Boys Varsity 4:45 Northfield Southwood
Girls Varsity 6:30 Manchester Wabash
Boys Varsity 8:15 Manchester Wabash
Saturday 12/30
Girls JV Championship 10:00 Coolman Girls JV Consolation 10:00 HS
Boys JV Championship 11:45 Coolman Boys JV Consolation 11:30 HS
Girls Varsity Consolation 3:00 Coolman
Boys Varsity Consolation 4:45 Coolman
Girls Varsity Championship 6:30 Coolman
Boys Varsity Championship 8:30 Coolman

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