Southwood 7th Boys Move On

The Southwood boys junior high teams played host to North Miami in RRC tournament action Wednesday.

The 7th grade defeated North Miami 56-23.

Mo Lloyd 17 points, 6 rebounds, 4 steals
Dylan Stout 10 points, 5 rebounds
Cole Winer 8 points, 4 rebounds
Drayson Pace 6 points, 4 rebounds
Nathan Lehner 4 points
Kaden Rody 4 points, 7 rebounds
Luke Watson 3 points
Elijah Staggs 2 points
Isaiah Sutton 2 points, 3 assists

The Knights move to 18-2 on the season. They will travel to North Miami for the final four of the RRC tournament this Saturday.

The 8th grade was defeated by North Miami 40-29.

Jarrett Craft 8 points
Derrick Smith 6 points
Brayden Smith 4 points
Jacob Marlow 3 points
Grant Holloway 2 points
Coby Thomas 2 points
Skylar Amos 2 points
Blake Smith 2 points

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