Etna Acres League Results for May 1st

Results of the May 1 Senior Scramble League:
1st with 34 Daryl Smith, Dave Banter, Lee Richards and Kevin Cox. Three teams tied at 35: 2nd Mike Parker, Larry Powell, Dean Gifford and Jim Denman. 3rd Dean Smith, Rex Zigler, Don Bauer, Ernie Peas 4th Steve Davis, Bob Anglin, Don Berryhill and Bob Price.
Long Drives: #3 Kevin Cox, #4 Bob Price
Closest to the pins: #2 Steve Davis, #8 Rex Zigler

Results of the May 1 Tuesday Men’s League:
Closest to the pins: #2 Rod Strickler, #8 Todd Rebholz
Long Drive Devin Dale
Low score 40 Robert Hoch

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