Tuesday At Etna Acres

Results of the Tuesday, May 8th Men’s Senior Scramble League:
Closest to the pins: #12 Lee Richards, #16 Don Alexander
Long Drives: #10 Larry Garrett, #14 Gary Sweet
Chip ins: #11 Jim Shearer, #13 Jim Myers, and #16 Paul Hecker.
1st place with 31: Jim Shearer, Tom Oldencamp, Gary Sutton, and John Jones
2nd place with 32: Don Alexander, Steve Shoptaw, Jim Denman, and Don Bauer. They tied with Larry Garrett, Jim Myers and Harold Williams

Results of the May 8th Men’s league:
Long Drive in Fairway #17 EJ Tackett
Closest to the pins: #12 Tom Wright, #16 Rick Treska
Low Scores: EJ Tackett 36, Len Cross and Dan Bickel had 40 each

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