Wabash 6th Picks Up Win Over Whitko

The Wabash 6th grade boys basketball team came out Thursday evening and earned a win in front of the home crowd, defeating Whitko 24-11.

Cooper Long- 6pts 6 rebounds
Eli Mattern- 5pts 3 rebounds 3 assists
Noah Baldwin- 5pts 4 rebounds, 6 steals
Coleson Kugler- 4 pts 2 rebounds 1 steal
Drew Guenin-Hodson- 2 pts 2 rebounds 1 block
Max Carpenter- 2pts
Derek Reed- 1 steal 1 rebound
Bobbert Shull- 2 rebounds
Rocky Judy- 2 rebounds
Sam Harris- 2 rebounds 1 assist
Adam Miller- 1 rebound
Isiah Cordes saw his first action of the year and played 12 hard minutes, showcasing tough defense and a nose for the ball.

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