Squires Top Valley In Double Overtime Thriller

The Manchester Squires won a double overtime thriller at Tippecanoe Valley 71-66 Friday.

Weston Hamby 22
Thane Creager 13
Max Carter 13
Kreeden Krull 11
Carter Bedke 6
Austin Underwood 4
Caleb Stout 2

Leading in Rebounds:
Max Carter 10
Kreeden Krull 9
Austin Underwood 9
Thane Creager 5

Leading in Assists:
Weston Hamby 5

Leading in Steals:
Max Carter 4
Thane Creager 2
Kreeden Krull 1
Austin Underwood 1
Weston Hamby 1
Korbin Hensley 1

Offensive Player of the game: Weston Hamby. In addition to the above stats, he also had zero Turnovers and went 8/8 from the line.
Defensive Player of the game: Max Carter. He held their leading scorer to 1 point for the game.

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