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Wabash 5th & 6th Splits With North Miami


The Wabash Lady Apaches 5th & 6th grade teams were back in action Monday taking on North Miami.

The Orange Team played the first match and went 0-2. The Black Team went 2-0 on the night. We struggled on serving tonight, but the girls are getting stronger! We will focus on our serving in practice tomorrow. Our passing is improving and will remain a big focus also. First set score for the Orange Team was 24-25 and second set score was 22-25.

Scoring for the Apaches were:
Caylee Noland with 6 pts and 1 being an Ace
Andi Conliff with 2 pts
Makayla Winstead with 2 pts
Audri Shidler with 1 pt

The Black Team won tonight in 2 sets. First set score was 25-6, and second set was 25-13

Scoring for the Apaches were:
Zoe Vail with 17 pts 6 being Aces
Addison Wischman with 12 pts with 1 being an Ace
Caitlyn Shidler with 7 pts with 2 being Aces

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